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Seven and Hellfire

I have two brand new blogs (they are linked on the side-bar)! They have the two stories I have been working on when I find myself stuck with my fanfiction. If you are interested in my Lord of the Rings' work and my as a writer, go check them out!


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Story Ideas

Plots and characters for the next installments in Dragons of Arda.

#5. An Galad o in Elen - Unavailable

#6. Unknown Name - Unavailable

Rokeorn and Anarien live in a time of peace between their own kingdoms of Rhûn and Gondor, but there are dark rumors that the former kingdom of Eryn Lasgalen now holds a dark menace that has been preying on people going through the forest for a few years. Recently, though, it has begun to strike out at those abroad as well. No one knows what this new evil is and no one can seem to get close enough to gather any information without ending up dead.

Both Rokeorn’s people, the Easterlings, and Anarien’s people, the Gondorians, have been affected by this ill occurrence; each of the kingdoms losing valuable trade supplies, migrating people and soldiers. Each kingdoms has now independently decided that something needs to be done and, being endowed with unique gifts and skills, Rokeorn and Anarien are chosen to investigate these strange activities with a group of their own people.

It is not long before their respective groups run into each other and tension rises despite the peace their two kingdoms have held with one another for years. Can two separate leaders, bound by an old alliance laid down by their parents, work together despite their differences to help both their respective kingdoms?


Naroion and Khalidah live in the same time as Rokeorn and Anarien, but their mission is much different. Both Naroion and Khalidah are wanderers among their own people despite the positions of importance they hold and now their wanderings, considered harmless in the past, are going to take them where no others have gone before.

The farthest South anyone has ever been is Far Harad where explorers usually stop at Cjornark or one of the cities near it. Any who continue further out into the harsh and unforgiving desert are never seen again and are presumed dead by those who have witnessed their departure. Both Naroion and Khalidah are unwilling to accept this as fact, though, as they both feel an irrepressible desire to go to a land they have never seen in the South. There has to be something beyond Far Harad, right?

Feeling this urge they cannot deny, the two go against the wishes of their respective families and traditions to set out on a journey to see just what exactly lies to the farthest reaches of the South. What they will find will change the way they look at the world forever, but will they manage to get home to share their new found knowledge - and should they?

#7. Unknown Name - Unavailable

Hinnorion and Aniralah live in a time of change. Strange people have been spotted along the Far Eastern shores by the Avarikalen people living on the far eastern side of the Orocarni Mountains. The seaside-dwelling people have informed their neighboring kingdoms, Rhûn and Harad, of the odd occurrence, hoping for help in deciphering the new mystery these strangers from the sea represent.

Are they friend or foe? Where do they come from? What is the language of which they speak and why are their clothes so strange? Why do they seem equally as surprised to see the Avarikalen as the people living upon the shores of Arda are of seeing them?

Naturally, the Avarikalen are not the only ones with questions and the two kingdoms closest to the seaside people, Harad and Rhûn, send diplomats to discover what they can about these strangers that have landed on Arda‘s shores.

Hinnorion of Rhûn and Aniralah of Harad are two such people chosen to go on this journey and they soon find themselves relying on one another as they face these new strangers who seem to be not entirely what they portray themselves to be…


Zaynion is the brother of Hinnorion, but his path is not his twin's and never will be for Zaynion is always to go places Hinnorion cannot follow. It has always been this way for one reason or another, but soon the circumstances are going to be such that even the two brothers will begin to question their separation and the connections they share despite it.

There are those who believe that time heals all things, changes all things, sees all things, experiences all things and is the boundary within which we live out our days. Zaynion is about to find out that every word of that is true - excluding the last bit.

Pulled into a situation and a time he cannot fathom and does not understand, the half-elf from Rhûn is going to find he is far braver than he could ever have imagined as his endurance and wisdom are pushed to the limit. He will soon realize as well that he truly does have the power to change the course of the future.

Edana, the blind woman who is much, much more than she seems, is going to show him how.

#8. Unknown Name - Unavailable

Rennissi and Kiryn live in a time of unease. There is tentative peace between the new strangers, called Farhin, that the races of Arda are still getting to know and the kingdoms who have welcomed them thus far in hopes of friendly relations in the future.

In the midst of this hesitant mingling, Rennissi cannot help but see only flashes of death and destruction concerning the Farhin when he uses his gift. It is enough to convince the young dragon that something is wrong with him as no one else, even Arienel who has visions of the future, sees what he sees and he sets out on his own to prove himself right or wrong, to try to bring peace to his troubled mind either way.

In another kingdom Kiryn feels she is nothing by a shadow of her elder brothers and sisters, and remains unnoticed by those around her. When she uses this invisibility to her advantage, though, she hears something not meant for her ears between two Farhin ambassadors staying in her city. Intrigued by their cryptic message, the young princess follows them, but eventually loses track of them in the wilderness of a new land she is not familiar with.

Now far from home and unsure of her way, Kiryn finds that against her better judgment she must now rely on the strange dragon who has chanced upon finding her and who seems determined to help her finish her quest if only for his own reasons. Together, not always agreeing, Rennissi and Kiryn continue after the two people they now consider spies, beginning an incredible adventure that will forever change their lives.


Obsidianclaw and Sidhloki live in the same time period as Rennissi and Kiryn, but these two have their own task to complete and it happens very close to home, requiring very little traveling for either of them.

The Farhin have settled in Arda and claim more of their people will come after them in time. This news is not greeted with happiness by all the kingdoms of Arda and one such people unsure of this development are the dragons. The Farhin have made it no secret that they are wary around the elves and dwarves, but they especially distrust dragons and there is little love between the great creatures of the sky and the strangers from over the sea. Tension is high between the two groups as time goes on and the dragons now find themselves wondering if they will have a place in the world for much longer.

Hoping to ease this tension and prevent bloodshed on both sides is Obsidianclaw, who turned to the darkness long ago but has now come back to the light and Sidhloki, who has never changed form even once in her life despite the shape-shifter blood that runs in her veins. These two have very little in common, but somehow together they must avert a war that seems imminent between their people, the dragons, and the new arrivals to their land, the Farhin.

#9. Unknown Name - Unavailable

Glorfindel, Carafiniel, Stormfang and Morieye live in a time of war. A few thousand years (actual time is still being determined) has passed since the Farhin came to Arda and most of the dragons left, and the world has lived on, striving against itself, settling into peace and experiencing times of unease. Life has gone on and a few hidden people have watched it for far longer than most.

Two such people are Glorfindel, the Balrog-slayer who has lived through almost eight ages (maybe more) of the earth, and Carafiniel, the daughter of Elrohir and Arienel the Seer, who is relatively young in the eyes of her people but has seen more than any mortal. Both elves have hidden their true identities long ago for their own safety just like a few other of their kin have, but one fatal mistake, one discovery by the Farhin is going to change that forever.

The fragile peace they have been living in is going to shatter and war will break loose on the face of the earth. One dragoness, Morieye, has seen this coming for a while and will do anything to protect her rider whether Carafiniel likes her methods or not. At her side, agreeing with her completely, is Stormfang, a dragon who lost his people long ago and now has a hatred for the Farhin that runs deep.

All four of them, dragons and elves, know that they are seeing more than just a war as they watch the world crumble around them, taking both the lives of the Farhin and their kin alike. Only two questions linger in their mind as they try to survive in a world that does not want them and doesn’t trust itself: Are they seeing the last days? And if they are, do they truly want to survive them?

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Battle Statistics

For anyone who cares....namely me (who needs this so she doesn't lose her mind trying to keep track of all these numbers!).....these are the numbers of fighters on the Good Guys Side and the Bad Guys Side (most are roughly estimated, of course) for my story "Brono a Chuio".

Rebels (Good Guys)

Northern Dragons (6 fighting)
Sand Dragons (3 fighting)
Char-pyk Dragons (155 fighting)
Tsubasa (4 fighting)
Twanres (50 fighting)
Vultsi (23 fighting)
Maia (1 fighting)
Rangers (3 fighting)
Haradrim Men (6100 in all - 500 archers, 3000 horsemen & 2600 foot soldiers)
Rhunic Men (7400 in all - 400 Ab-Gribyl, 3000 Ak-Jnab, 1000 Khand, 3000 Rebels)

13,745 Fighters in all roughly estimated

Dark Lord Troops (Bad Guys)

Dark Dragons (1 fighting)
Vy-kror Dragons (400 fighting)
Maia (1 fighting)
Sertek (6500 fighting)
Empath Serket (30 fighting)
Rhunic Men (7700 in all - 4200 Al-Salyha & 3500 Ar-Hihn)
Fell Beasts (330 fighting)
Empaths (15 fighting)

15,077 Fighters in all roughly estimated

Rebel Army

*Rebels riding Char-pyk and Sand dragons form the first line of defense and will engage Sertek (and Vy-kror) as their prime enemy.

*Rebels and Haradrim riding horses form the second line of defense and will engage Sertek (and Vy-kror) that the Char-pyk do not catch.

*Rebels and Haradrim on foot/archers form the third line of defense and will engage men in Kilicar's army and Sertek (and Vy-kror) that get past the first two lines.

*Vultsi commanded by Maltaserce and Tsubasa/Twanres commanded by Osamu form the forth line of defense. The Vultsi will fight anything, but their main enemy will be the fell beasts in the sky. The Tsubasa and Twanres will engage any enemy, but will most-likely focus their attention on the Sertek.

*Northern Dragons form the last and fifth line of defense and will engage with sky-enemies, occasionally lending assistance to those on the ground.

Dark Lord's Army

*Vy-kror and their Riders will form the first line of attack.

*Sertek will form the second line of attack and will proceed in groups according to species (ie. Humanoid, Felines, Canines, Reptile, Bird)

*Empath Sertek form the third line of attack.

*Rhunic Men and Empaths will form the forth line of attack.

*Fell beasts and the Dark Dragon will form the air and fifth line of attack.

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Map of Avarikal

CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO VIEW FULLY or right click with your mouse/touch pad and select "view image" for full view of the picture. (Scroll down this blog page to see map of Rhun and Harad.)

This map is of Avarikal, a land to the utmost East of Arda, past Rhun and the Orocarni Mountains. Middle-earth is owned and created by J.R.R Tolkien. I simply created this map for my own enjoyment and use, to depict a land unnamed in the T.A. of Lord of the Ring's literature. All names, forests, cities, rivers and lakes are the property of me (with the exception of the Orocarni and the East Sea). This vague land in general (in the books) is Tolkien's


The Orocarni Mountains are the natural and formidable divide between Avarikal and Rhun. The great forest of Makitalad is located on the eastern slopes of the red mountains. Ciele, Home of the High Anikrrn is located in the middle of Makitalad Forest.

The river, Merdagsa, to the south, is fed by Rávasisne, the large mountain lake in the Orocarni. The Merdagsa flows into the Matarik Bundak, the gray mountains. The river Mornakat in the north runs into the East Sea. The river Hatisir originates from the Matarik Bundak and flows into the East Sea.

The plains of Gibulac stretches out to the borders of these three rivers. The Gibulac is an unsteady mix of solid fields and marshland, many small rivers and streams making the ground treacherous as they flow underground and out to sea.

 In this shot:

The largest forest of Tumnalda (to the north-west) is visible. The river Hatisir runs through these woods until it flows into the Sapotwë delta. The smaller forest to the east of Tumnalda and near the Lithurol hills is called the Ëaralis. The second-largest forest to the east and near the East Sea is the Lhosavar. The twin forests below the Lhosavar are called Pulonîdh (left) and Maiwë, (right). The medium-sized forest under Tumnalda and Lhosavar is the Laiquahiyas.

The small river, Liwailin, runs through both Laiquahiyas and Lhosavar on it's way to the sea. It originates from the river Hatisir.

The island of Macéva Lupa is located in the eastern part of the East Sea. It is the largest island in Avarikal and is also a city. The Piacéva Lupa is the smaller island in the northern part of the East Sea that claims Avarikal as it's kingdom.

There is a sea-side city called Aralenin in this shot. It is located to the north of Tumnalda. There are two forest-villages and one forest-city located in Tumnalda. The forest-villages, called Pia Nayon (left) and Thúlë (right), are located on the west side of the Hatisir river and the forest-city, called Sariya, is located on the east side of the Hatisir river.

In the forest Lhosavar there are two forest-cities and their names are Halatir (top) and Sinagalca (bottom). The forest Maiwë has one forest-village called Agila. The forest Laiquahiyas has one small forest-city named Tahilor.

The gray mountains, Matarik Bundak, are glaringly visible to the south.

In this shot:

 Part of the Tumnalda forest is visible, as is the 'dividing river, Hatisir. To the left of the Hatisir river is the marshland-plains of Gilubac. Many small, only locally named, rivers branch out from the three major rivers in the area. Their names are Hatisir (to the east), Merdagsa (south) and Mornakat (north). The small split in the river Merdagsa is named Kacelu.

The large lake, Rávasisne, is located in the Orocarni Mountains.

The small forest near the East Sea and south of the Mornakat is called Nénaurë. The greatest forest in Avarikal, the Makitalad, is located to the west, on the eastern borders of the Orocarni Mountains.

There is one sea-side village and one sea-side city in this shot. One, Dagatithë (village), is located to the north of the Mornakat river. The other, Aralenin (city), is located north of the Tumnalda forest. There are two forest-villages visible here as well. They are both located in Tumnalda, both are west of the river Hatisir and they are named Pia Nayon (left) and Thúlë (right).

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Map of Harad

CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO VIEW FULLY or right click with your mouse/touch pad and select "view image" for full view of the picture. (Scroll down this blog page to see map of Rhun.)

This is my map of Harad. Harad is a land to the far south of Middle-earth and is owned and created by J.R.R Tolkien. I simply created this map for my own enjoyment and use. All names, forest, cities, rivers and lakes are the property of me. Harad in general is Tolkien's.

The mountains you see are simply called the Gray Mountains or Ered Mithrin. The city of Umbar, the main city of the Corsairs, lies next to the sea. They are one of the enemies of Gondor.

The upper portion of the map is Near Harad and the bottom portion is Far Harad. The Jungle of Nrapir lies in the middle. The western portion contains the Deep Jungle and the eastern portion contains the East Jungle.

The River Inkarwirn flows through Near Harad and the Nrapir Jungle. The smaller river that flows into Citroprn Lake is called the Harlarink. The smallest river flowing out of the lake is the Gretyn.

There are four main cities around the Citroprn Lake, the royal city being called Cjornark (located on the eastern side of the lake). The royal city is followed by Xanrewuq (also on eastern side), Nremesirn (western side) and Inhartwin (western side).

The small road Rur Trun Wirn is the only intact road that leads from Nremesirn to the Citroprn Lake. The three forests of Lovirark (biggest forest, north side of lake), Zasik (south side of lake) and Bjorkhara (western side of lake) are the main sources of wood and food for the inhabitants of the four cities.

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